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The secrets of choosing handbags, leather wallets, beach bags that complement the beauty of your outfit

by Neama Aly 14 Dec 2022

Many women are confused when choosing the perfect bag or wallet that suits the occasion they are going to; As the bag is considered an important piece for more elegance and a distinctive look, the good selection of handbags, beach bags, or even women's leather wallets is very important for every woman to increase the beauty of the look at all times, and this article will serve as a guide that includes the most important tips in this regard.


First: How to choose distinctive handbags?

Handbags are a necessary and important thing for all women. This type of bag is the most used type in various occasions. For example, you can use a handbag at work, study, shopping, and other daily outings and trips. Hence the very important question in this context: Should handbags match the clothes you wear?

The answer to this question depends on the lifestyle of each woman. You should choose handbags according to your lifestyle to match your personality and clothes, not only through color matching and consistency, but also with the daily use of your handbag.


7 tips for choosing the right handbag for you

Most women are confused about choosing handbags that are suitable for their lifestyle, so these are 7 tips that will help you determine the most appropriate choice for you, in order to get the best look and maximum use of the bag, so let's get to know these tips together.


1. The style and colors of the clothes

Coordinating the style of clothes and colors with the handbag is very important. For example, it is not appropriate to choose a patterned or patterned bag with patterned or patterned clothes as well, but if the clothes are patterned, choose a plain handbag that does not have patterns and vice versa.

If the clothes are plain and do not contain any patterns, choose women's handbags, a brand that you like, according to the colors in the clothes, and there is no objection to choosing them with patterns this time.


2. The quality of the clothes

First, determine whether this is a formal, semi-formal, or casual outfit. This is because choosing large handbags is more appropriate with casual or semi-formal clothes, and on the contrary, formal clothes require your choice of small handbags to complement the luxury of your look.



3. Where are you going?

The place or occasion determines the type and shape of the handbag that you will wear. For example, the bag and its shape differ if you are going to work from the bag that you will wear when you are going shopping... right?

Hence, hard handbags are very suitable for work places and clothes, while soft, thin clothes that are far from work clothes are suitable for soft, thin bags.


4. The size and length of the body

Most women do not pay attention to the need to take into account the size and length of their body while choosing the appropriate handbag, because the handbag must end at the waist circumference when wearing it, and to avoid this point, you can choose medium-sized handbags.

And do not lose sight of the shape of your body in order to appear in the best shape without the shape of the bag contradicting the general appearance of your body. If you are tall and very skinny, choose a round bag, and if you are short, then choosing rectangular handbags suits you more.


5. The strength and durability of the bag

The bag is useless if it is elegant and not durable and will last you a long time, so make sure of the strength and durability of the bag, and the quality of the materials it is made of, to know how strong it is and how long it lasts with you.


6. The right colors

Choosing the color of the bag is confusing for many, because some women love bold colors, but before buying, does this color match most of your clothes and occasions?

Therefore, choose safe or neutral colors that suit most clothes and occasions at the same time. For example, a black bag that you can take to a wedding, a dinner date, etc., and measure most of the plain colors in handbags.


7. The amount of storage

The size of the bag, the amount of storage, and its ability to carry things is something that should not be missed when buying any handbag. If you are looking for a bag to go with to work, it must be large to carry a lot of important items, and if it is intended for going out in the evening, it is of course small and not suitable for going with it. To work.


Top 10 types of women's handbags for this year's fashion

The handbag is a woman's constant companion and is not limited to being a complement to your outfit, so we have compiled for you a list of the 10 best types of women's handbags for this year's fashion, so let's get to know them together.


1. Folder bags or the Filing Folder

Folder bags are classic elegant handbags that add a graphic touch to the work look in the morning. They do not carry a lot of items, but they are distinctive and elegant.


2. Small handbags or handbags Micro Bag

These bags caught the eye in many international fashion shows, as they give you an elegant and modern look, and they are not large to carry a lot of items, as they are sufficient to carry basic items such as money, a phone... and other small items.


3. Round bags or the Circular Bags

Round bags appeared to give women a lively look during the day, and they are suitable for the summer season and can be worn in more than one way over the shoulder, on the waist, or in the hand in the normal way.


4. Straw bags or Straw Bags

These bags appear in different sizes in the spring and summer season, as they are considered handbags and beach bags at the same time if they are of a large size, and they can be used in more than one way to make your heroine shine.


5. Bags on chains or Hold The Phone

These bags appeared at the end of last year to be a complement to a distinctive evening look, as the leather merges with some metal accessories in the bag's handle, giving more elegance, sophistication and beauty.


6. Market bag or it is called Market all

This type of bag is suitable for your modern, casual look, because it consists of comfortable materials such as fabric and ropes in bright colors that reflect the fashion of the era, and what distinguishes it is that it is large in size and carries a lot of things, so if you have a long day at the university, then this handbag is an option Special for you.


7. Water bottle bags or the Bottle holders bag

One of the bags that appeared and took my course in fashion trends this year is the water bottle bags. Instead of appearing unattractive with a plastic water bottle, get one of these bags to keep your vitality and elegance at all times, especially at work, university and fitness centers.


8. Feather bags or the Feather Bags

Feather bags appeared in late summer 2021 in the basic colors of ostrich feathers, matching all colors of evening dresses.


9. Waist bags or Waist Bags

Waist bags are a kind of dual-use bag, as they can be used in the morning on modern practical clothes, and they can be used in the evening on evening clothes, due to their various designs that suit many tastes.


10. Jumbo bags or not Colossal Carryalls

Oversized bags appeared in the fashion of handbags this year for the practical woman who goes to work daily with elegance and sophistication, accompanied by all her essential items for work or study, and there are designs of this bag made of leather and fabric in wonderful modern colors.


These were the best fashion trends in the world of women's handbags, you can choose what suits you and use it in a way that is always comfortable for you, because most of them are suitable for more than one look, and in more than one occasion, morning and evening, and even if you need a practical bag, you will definitely find what meets your needs and your desires.

After these tips, there remains one step, which is to do your comprehensive research before buying any of the handbags in the market, according to the previous advice, to stand out in your surroundings with an elegant look that suits the place, time, and the clothes you wear, and to help you further; We provide you with a list bags hand female Distinguished for you to choose from what suits you.



Second: How to choose distinctive beach bags?

Summer comes and preparations begin to go to the beach to enjoy the pleasant summer atmosphere, but women are confused about choosing the appropriate beach bag because of the different models, materials and requirements of each woman, so we will save you from this confusion and we will talk in the coming lines about how to choose a suitable beach bag for you... Are you ready to start ?


What are the specifications of sea bags?

Sea bags of all kinds contain some basic specifications, which are:

  • to be lightweight.
  • Made of materials that are not affected by sand or sea water.
  • to be large in size.


What types of beach bags are suitable for you?

There are many types of beach bags in the market, but which ones are the best? This is what we will mention to you as follows:


1. A wicker beach bag

It is considered one of the best beach bags over the years, and it matches the latest fashion trends, and it offers various sizes and sizes that suit all needs and many tastes.


2. Sea cloth bag

The market provides beach bags made of cloth, but there is a type of fabric that is not affected by water, and this is what we advise you to do, and another type that is affected by water and does not dry quickly and sand sticks to it, so do not buy this type of beach bag.


3. Plastic sea bag

It is one of the latest trends this year and is available in bold colors such as phosphorescent colors, in addition to models made of transparent plastic.

These three types are the most famous and best types of beach bags that last with you for years without being affected by any factors. All you have to do is check when choosing this type of bag, and know the quality of the materials it is made of in order to know the size of its bearing while placing items in it and using it for long periods, in addition to That we have provided for you group miscellaneous from bags the sea Check it out.


Third: How to choose premium leather wallets?

Leather wallets are a kind of small bags for storing money and small items, so choosing them carefully is very important because they are a piece that always increases your elegance and beauty of your look, so there are some tips that you must follow when you come to buy and choose women's leather wallets in anytime.


6 tips for buying distinctive women's leather wallets

Many women are confused when they decide to buy a leather wallet that suits their needs and purposes, but there is no more confusion after today, after you follow the following tips:


1. The size of the wallet

You should choose a leather wallet that fits the sizes of most of your bags. For example, if you have small bags, you should buy small or foldable wallets, and vice versa, if you have large or medium-sized bags, you should buy a large wallet. Fashion experts always prefer Buy two wallets of different sizes to fit all of your bags.


2. Wallet pockets

Be sure to choose card wallets that contain multiple pockets in an organized manner to keep credit cards, bank cards, and cash in a safe and organized manner, especially if they are wallets with a strong, tight zipper to keep belongings in a safer way.


3. The color of the lining

It is preferable to choose your wallet with a light lining color so that it is easier for you to get what you are looking for in terms of cards or cash quickly without hindering your search due to the dark color of the lining.


4. Material and materials used in manufacturing

The most important step when choosing women's wallets is knowing the materials used in manufacturing to ensure the quality of the wallet. In the market, there are four materials that are always used in the manufacture of women's wallets. These materials are:


  • Natural leather: Natural leather is one of the best types from which wallets of distinguished brands are made, because it makes it practical in use, comfortable and does not require special care. The stitching is durable, and if you're shopping online, look at customer reviews first before you buy.


  • Synthetic leather: Synthetic leather wallets are cheaper than those made of natural leather, but they quickly get damaged and are affected by heat and cannot withstand repeated daily use.


  • Eco-leather: It is a kind of symbiotic artificial leather in a way that resembles natural leather, but it lasts for a long period of up to three years without being affected by bends and heat, and it is distinguished by its reasonable price and soft, delicate texture.


  • Fabric: The fabric provides high-end women’s wallets at a competitive price, but if they are hand-made of high-quality, water-resistant fabric, as for other poor-quality fabric wallets that do not last and are affected by everything and do not keep the belongings inside and expose them to damage.


5. Portfolio design

Every woman goes to buy a wallet with a shape and design that suits her taste and style, but in all cases it must be comfortable in use and its design helps to keep all your important belongings wherever you are, as there are many designs among wallets with a zipper, and others that are flexible and foldable, and others with a cover and a lock Magnetic...etc. All you have to do is choose the appropriate design for your needs to make the most of your wallet.


6. Accessories and decorations

Make sure that the accessories and adornments on the wallet are of the best quality and materials so that they do not fade or break, thus losing the appearance of the wallet, especially those encrusted with stones and crystals for night parties.

We all know how important it is to have women's leather wallets of different sizes that match the clothes, bags, occasions and outings that we go to, so you can shop and buy the best women's wallets from here.


In conclusion, we have talked with you, Madam, about the most important tips that make it easier for you to choose handbags, beach bags, and elegant women's leather wallets that suit your look anywhere and on any occasion, morning or even evening, because your distinctive look makes us happy.

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