privacy policy

privacy policy

All terms of this Privacy Policy apply to all Evora websites, programs or applications, and are applicable to everyone who uses the site via the address, as any reference to the site means a reference to Evora.


Evora would like every visitor to the site to feel safe and private while browsing the site, whether just to visit or to make any requests through the site. Accordingly, Evora is keen to apply the following:

1- Any information about the visitor that the Evora website collects when the visitor registers his data in the registration form.

2- Likewise, when a visitor places an order through the site, Evora retains his data that he records on the site, such as the name and e-mail address.

3- The Evora site uses this data or information in order to improve the user experience in terms of presenting and displaying products in the way the visitor prefers, as well as improving the performance of customer service and technical support for the Evora site.

4- All collected data or information will not be sold, exchanged, transferred or given in any way to any other company for whatever reason without the consent of the visitor who owns the information.

5- The only party allowed to obtain any data or information related to the visitor or user of the Evora website is the delivery party or the shipping company, in order to complete the order and deliver it to the customer.

6- The e-mail of the visitor or user of the Evora website, which the site uses to send all information or updates related to the site related to the customer's request. Also, from time to time all new news, products or offers in Evora will be sent in the form of newsletters.

In the event that the visitor or user wants to cancel this feature, he can cancel it through the instructions attached to each email.

7- All security precautions for preserving data and information for all Evora customers are applied.

8- There are third parties that provide the Evora site with services related to improving the website, operating it, or fixing any malfunctions in it. These parties can obtain this data by providing any service related to the technicians of the Evora site.

9- The information that may be disclosed by the Evora website is not personal information about visitors, such as that related to payment methods, but it is information used for marketing or advertising purposes.



After reading these nine clauses, dear visitor, regarding your rights within the site, you have agreed to the following declaration: -


I hereby declare that I have read and understood the privacy policy of the evora site. By submitting data to the Site or its agent(s), or by my use of any Evora website, application, or services, I voluntarily and expressly consent to the collection, sharing, use, and retention of my data as described in the Evora Privacy Policy As mentioned above.