Shipping and ordering policy

Shipping and ordering policy

Evora Style is interested in providing the best buying experience to its customers, so we are always keen to provide the best in terms of the products offered on the site, the shopping method, and even the shipping method.

ordering policy.

After choosing the products you prefer from the Evora website and placing them in the shopping cart, the site asks you to specify the payment method and a set of data to complete the purchase.


Shipping policy

  • Once the purchase is completed, Evora will start shipping the order and send the details of the shipment via a text message to the mobile phone.
  • This message contains the bill of lading number for your order, which is a set of numbers. Example: - 3992789952.
  • The waybill number that you get from Evora on your mobile phone, you can use it to track the arrival of your order by contacting the shipping company and informing them of the waybill number that pertains to your order.
  • To track your shipment, visit the shipping company's website, then enter the bill of lading number for your order in the field designated for it. Once you enter the voucher number, the status of your order will appear.
  • When will my order be shipped? For major cities, shipping takes place within 5 working days, and within 7 working days for other cities
  • What is the contracted shipping company? The contracting company is Zajel Logistics Solutions
  • How can I track my order? You can track your order through the following link using the shipment number
  • How can I get the shipment number? You can obtain the shipment number through our website by using the order number sent to the registered mobile number.